• Team Building & Team Leadership

    The road to success is aimed at builiding cohesive and winning team.

  • Youth Empowerment & Mentorship

    For you to change the society, change the youth.

  • Unlock Your Sales Potential

    Make a difference in peoples' lives, not just a SALE !!

  • Etiquette & Networking

    If you want others to open the door for you, open the door to them first.

  • Optimum Performance Strategies

    Become a NO-Limit person. You can change your life by changing the way you think about yourself.

Who We Are

Blossom Link Services Limited is a firm that is geared towards providing exceptionally high quality personal and professional development soft skills for individuals and institutions. The firm brings together highly qualified training professionals who have experience acquired both locally and internationally. We specialize in Training, Individual and Corporate Coaching, Team building, and transformational programs.

Why BlossomLink Services?

about us

We provide you with the best empowering information through an educative, entertaining and most exciting manner. We anticipate seeing an inspired, highly energized and motivated clientele after our session that will propel them to greater heights. The approach is very unique, it combines interdisciplinary teachings, tactics and strategies all geared toward creating effective expansion of the immediate environments of the participating individuals.


To transform and influence individuals and organizations positively and help them unlock their God given potential in the Africa continent.


To serve and impart outstanding soft skills, enhance teamwork through appropriate team building activities to individuals and organizations through modules and activities that will make them powerful beyond measure thus creating positive and outstanding impact in their lives.

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Teamwork, Trust and Respect
  • Commitment to results
  • Professionalism and Timeliness

Our Modules

Team Building and Team Leadership

The road to success is aimed at creating cohesive and winning teams. Come learn how Teams outperform individuals because teams generate a special energy.

Etiquette and Networking

Come and meet the experts sharing with you successful principles on how to handle yourself and others.You will learn why networking is always a two –way street and why it has to do with quality relationship.

Youth Empowerement and Mentorship

We prepare young people to meet the challenges of adolescence and adulthood through a coordinated, progressive series of activities and experiences that help them to become socially, morally, emotionally, physically, and cognitively competent.Geared towards shaping them to achieve full potential.

The Ultimate Leader

Did you know that charisma had substance? This program is designed to equip those in leadership positions and the aspiring leaders with applicable knowledge and skills.

Unlocking Your Sales Potential

There is an enormous amount of competition "out there" and yet the arena is even bigger. How do you really convince someone you are the answer to their problems? Success of any company is built not with money but tenacity. This is your opportunity to learn the secrets and how 'You Can Make The Difference' In People's Lives, Instead of Just Making A Sale!

Brand Marketing Immersion – Enhancing & Positioning Organization Brand

Brand Marketing Immersion includes traditional advertising, public relations, word-of-mouth advertising, digital marketing, samples, coupons, retail partnerships and other ways of surrounding the consumer with a consistent message about a brand. Blossom Link Services will support your organization to marketing envelopes your brand or product or company issue so that the marketing, advertising, and public relations departments or representatives work holistically towards delivering the same brand message across multiple distribution channels

Culture Transformation Program

Whether people give their best to the company/institution, performance is largely dependent on the cultural environment.This is a three-day program for organizations whose culture is limiting them from performing and having outstanding results.

Customer Experience and Presentation Skills

Today's customers are sophisticated, well informed and have high expectations of the services they want to receive.This is a three-day program for organizations/individuals that would desire to achieve the ultimate level of understanding of their customers and eventually increase productivity.

Dealing With HIV/AIDS At The Workplace

This is a two day program for groups and organizations who would want the staff to be aware of their responsibility in HIV prevention and management and how to live a fulfilled life when infected and affected

Swift Planning and Time Management

Beat Work Overload. Increase Your Effectiveness. Achieve Much More. You’ll learn about goal setting, a vitally important skill for deciding what you want to achieve with your life/business and in three (3)days you will be “concentrating on results, not on being busy”.

Optimum Performance Strategies for Maximum Growth

Become a no-limit person! YOU can change your life by changing the way you think about yourself and your potential. This program is tailor made to make individuals work towards excellence in various areas of their life - Health, Wealth, Relationships, Career, etc

Our Team Of Trainers

Our Clients

What Our Clients Say About Us..


It is of great pleasure to write you for the great contribution and value added to SSI staff while in Arusha attending SDW. No one expected what was finally delivered by your team, sure everyone has gone home with a story to tell and a lesson to share.

Our staff are ready now to work at different level, your continued support is appreciated whenever deemed, do not hesitate to attend our request whenever requested, surely we are honored and may God bless and grant you a prosperous future

Samuel Ng'ambi - Finance & Admin, Social Solutions International, Tanzania

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